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Angel Kissed SEO Services provides monthly or weekly blogging arrangements. We will also partner with you for newsletter creation, website search engine optimization and/or content development. Ask us about “guest blogging.” Refresh your website pages with compelling content, or just hire us to come up with a great marketing message. Browse our site for more information regarding our SEO services.

Meet Charmaine


“Charmaine Beleele possesses very special communication skills that empower her Blogs! Her writings have been a boost to Palm State Mortgage’s image with both past and prospective clients. Her Blogs are enjoyable reading, as she masterfully incorporates messages that we wish to share with our clients.”

Pearl Lefkowitz,  President
Palm State Mortgage Company


We have referred Charmaine to clients over the past three years for blogging projects as well as free lance writing projects. All clients have given her praise and accolades relating to her creative writing skills and her research abilities. We have also referred her writing skills for those clients looking for newsletter creation and website messaging which needs her special marketing touch.

Clients who have chosen her services have soon found themselves at the top of the heap when it comes to new search engine traffic. They are enjoying her creative blog posts and their sites are considered “authority” websites, full of relevant and interesting content.  We highly recommend her services to you and feel sure you will be pleased with all results.

Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer

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